The Sidoli's Story

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1945 – 1950

The Local pop manufacturer had caught wind and whilst Ben was in London buying essences to flavour the pop he approached Bert  with a cash offer to stop the brothers upscaling their pop venture. Bert  accepted the offer to Bens annoyance on his return. They split the money 50/50  and Ben used the funds to purchase 11 and 12 Market square in Ebbw Vale and start manufacturing more ice cream in greater quantities.  

Due to the second world war, most machinery and vehicles were modified and used in battle. This made acquiring new machinery and vehicles very difficult. After some time and with great difficulty Ben managed to get hold of three new mobile vans. This aloud the business to begin trading again. There was renewed hope after victory in the second world war and our ice cream helped put smiles back on faces across the South Wales Valleys.    

Production increased dramatically and in just over 20 years Benedetto had grown his production from just two gallons of ice cream a day, to 60 gallons per hour and he was now employing roughly 25 people. With demand soaring Ben decided to focus more on wholesaling his ice cream.   

Benedetto’s youngest son Terry joined the business full time as the company embarked on a new era of ice cream and frozen treat production.